Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chöd !!!

Chöd was thee projekt ov French occult sound artist Dominique Maud!! have transferred all three ov thee releases which i have ov this astounding projekt!! would love to see if anyone out there who has thee very rare untitled 2xCass - C20 released on Art Concept, and tis willing to transfer and share.. cannot say enough how much these releases are loved here!! astounding usage ov droning ethereal atmospheres, ritual percussions, excellent sampling ov ethnic instrumentations/choral workx/wolves!! also great minimal sequencer usage at times!! can easily get lost in repetitiously taking in thee occult sonorous environs which Chöd engenders!!

[[notes: thee version ov Kala-Nath which was transferred was the c60 released on Harmonie in 1996; i did not break up thee tracks [as tis done on thee cdr which was released on Kokeshidisk in 2006..] also due to thee short durations ov both thee Psychotic Session cs and Ishtar Aux Enfers 7": it was decided to include them both in thee same folder.. enjoy these brilliant tribal ambient recordings!!]]

Chöd - Kala-Nath - c60 - Harmonie - France - 1996

No track listing..

Chöd - Psychotic Session - c30 - Psychotic Release - Italy - 1997 +

No track listing..

Chöd - Ishtar Aux Enfers - 7" ep - Athanor - France - 1999

Track listing:

a - Ishtar Aux Enfers
b - Le Déluge Babylonien

[[note: as stated previously: this ep tis included in thee above link..]]


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