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EBU-influences from the Luna Canoe(Red Neon Tapes-Belgium-c60-1992)

Carsten Olbrich aka Ebu is a German musician who founded Ebu's Music label in 1988, and had a number of releases with several monikers and bands.

After some appearances on stage with the own family-band "Familie Olbrich" and being guitar-player in his first school-band "Trümmerhaufen" (1984), Carsten Olbrich joined the band Top Of Pyramid in 1986. His first solo-project Wild Roses existed in 1988 and changed it's musical attitude and it's name into Always Welcome (1989), which now, in 2009, still has revival-plans. In 1989, he founded the post-NDW-project Schmertz Der Welten, which was his main project, until it brokes up in 1998. In the new decade after 1989 Carsten Olbrich choosed a new main-artist-name King Ebu as successor of "Always Welcome". In 1995 he founded the punkrock-band Die Traktor as guitar player, which he left in friendchip in summer 2000. Mr. Welten was meant as the solo-project of the leader of Schmertz Der Welten, but later in 1997 he found the new solo-artist-name Mr. Ebu for psychedelic-electronic-dark-spacy & mainly instrumental music, which lasts until now. Not mentioned yet on Discogs, but alive since 2006, is "Herr Ebu" - a totally different musicstyle with german-sung-pop, dada, trash. Also in 2006 Carsten Olbrich took influence for the revival of the punkrock-band Hacke Peters, Die, where he currently plays bass-guitar.

Aliases: 2000-the-GmbH, Always Welcome, Die Gebosenen Düchsen, Die Geile Sonne, Die Wichtelmänner, King Ebu, Mr. Ebu, Mr. Welten, Schmertz Der Welten, Wild Roses
In Groups: Die Hacke Peters, Die Traktor, Frozen Time, Six And More, Top Of Pyramid

(from discogs)

This tape came out on the Belgian label Red Neon Tapes back in 1992... Side A consists of beautiful and calmly still ambient music made with a rather simple synth; while side B is more of an experiment with vocals and synth programming. Enjoy it!

Track listing:

a01-the Luna-Canoe
b01-...und gab ihr einen Kuss


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