Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Non Aggression Pact / Xorcist split tape (GPC-C60 –Usa-1991)

Another great release here from this excellent label General Purpose Cassettes with another two great projects from the USA playing electro ebm! This time it is Non Aggression Pact aka Jeff Willard (keyboards and music) and Jason Withcomb (lyrics and vocals) from Tampa playing hard powerful electronics accented by samples and complex synth structures. Xorcist is a one man band consisting of Peter Stone hailing from the state of California, and playing more dense old school ebm. This release came with a A5 64 page fanzine where you can read two interesting interviews with these two projects + lots of music, zine, video reviews, graphix artwork by E.A. and other artists+ radio contacs and more info and contacts about this scene. This zine is an absolute must towards understanding how publishers, zine-editors, and labels were working back in those days when the internet was yet not part of our lives. The actual cassette came wrapped in hard foil and a brown sheet with info… It looked like a real chocolate bar… Quite an amazing idea, I have to say. You will find here all the scans of the zine and the tape so that you`ll get a better idea. The first press was of 250 copies, and I have no idea if it was re-printed at some point… I guess it`s hard to find nowdays…

Track listing:
a01- Non Aggression - Pactthe de briefing
a02- Non Aggression -above pain
a03- Non Aggression -done
a04- Non Aggression -enema
a05- Non Aggression -unify
a06- Non Aggression -nothing in particular
b01- Xorcist - xorcist
b02- Xorcist - bitches
b03- Xorcist - christy
b04- Xorcist - is love


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