Friday, December 16, 2011

MARGARET FREEMAN-Academy Serial(3Rio Art-Belgium-1990-c46)

The music of the project Margaret Freeman is a good mix of old-type industrial with some musical researches coming from the grey area (darkwave, no wave, electropop, etc etc)... Lots of good ideas and musical styles here. Unfortunately I have little information about this band or project that seems to have come from Belgium during the beginning of the 90s, and released this good tape called Academy Serial on the Belgian label 3Rio Art [Personal label of Hybryds] back in the year 1990. I tried using the power of internet to get some info, but Margaret Freeman remains still a mystery to me [other than the lineup having consisted of the artists Pascal Jeannet & Philippe Martineau] --- anybody out there with more info??? this tape is just great anyway...

[note: Side B was composed for a theatre play "Nymphoman" by Thomas Gerdil (14.10.89). Limited to 100 copies.]

A1 Don't Shout
A2 Brother
A3 Who's Addict
A4 Dead Fingers Talk
A5 Motion Picture
A6 Satisfaction
A7 Give You
A8 Tous Les Deux
A9 C'Est Un Piege
B1 Nymphoman No. 1
B2 Nymphoman No. 2
B3 Nymphoman No. 3
B4 Nymphoman No. 4



  1. i believe that this band comes from France and they also did this tape asl well

  2. Thanks for the upload!

    I believe they were ex-members of Urbain Autopsy, but i don't know much more about them.

  3. Here the tape i talk about They have some tracks in 2 portuguese compilations the bouth in blog too (, And yes they are french. Thanks for the post.

  4. thanx a lot to you 2 for the info you shared here...

  5. By the way, i seem to have 2 Margaret Freeman releases ("Madge freeman" and "disposing of mind pollution"), can upload them if you wish.

  6. Hi Rayman
    if you want upload them and share them via Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum blog then you are more than welcome to post it here---this is will just great!!!!

  7. Excellent tape and excellent rip too! Thank you :)

  8. Hi!
    I'm Pascal "Overload System". I'm very surprise and honoured some people still know and appreciate our music(s).
    Yes we are french and yes the band name before was Urbain Autopsy.
    I will give you some informations products when I have time.
    Sorry for my poor english language.
    If you have questions, I'll try to answer. :)


    Overload System + Tanguy (from No Return)

  10. thanx to everybody giving here usueful info and yes Pascal we are very happy to listen your music and share this here,it `s amazing that you wrote us,if you will pass us more old tapes from your bands we will be happy to post them here with all the info you can provide...thanx for getting in touch:)


    the real tittle is "Goldies Revival", a parody of Zig Zig Sputnik! :)

  12. Margaret Freeman - Live 01.04.1989 featuring Overload System & Chris P.

    1. Hey Pascal, many thanks for sharing your live you happen to have Margaret Freeman ‎– Afrikaners Streets?? tape

    2. Hello Lu! In reality, that's the Afrikaner's Streets tape! I have delete one song really failed for me and replace it with a live archive of Urbain Autopsy...just the best! :)

    3. be cool if you can send me that one song you didnt like..maybe I'll like it? but anyway heres my

  13. All recordings are from my personal archives tapes. This is another link, all songs by Overload System, Chris P.'s voice on tracks 9 & 10.

    Enjoy this recordings, don't hesitate to share and make some comments

  14. Pascal,thanx alot for all the links,i will check them soon,i really apprecciate all your efforts to keep us infomed and to listen your great music...:)

  15. Hey! Want some news? My web site is open now! thanx Wifeo!:) and thanx to you too, you give me the envy to do it! I hope you will appreciate!
    See you on the site!

    P.S. Sorry for the missing song Lu but it will be not possible.