Friday, January 7, 2011

v.a.-auricular audio magazine n5(auricular records-usa-1991-)

created by Alan Herrick and Jenny Liang Herrick in 1989: Auricular Records are a San Francisco based label who have fairly recently resumed activities after a period ov hiatus.. this astonishing release ov theirs which came in cardboard box packaging with inserts printed upon wallpaper as part ov a now-continuing series; features a number ov incredible experimental / industrial projekts from thee early 90's underground cassette scene dealing with themes ov eroticism!!

Plecid were thee projekt ov David Woodard.. recordings have been featured upon thee Happiest Place On Earth / Happiest Tapes On Earth cassette label which was run by Chuck Collision [Premature Ejaculation!!] as well as upon The Ajna Offensive!! thee piece provided here tis a titilating piece ov dissonance entitled: Sssexy!!

Mike Hovancsek [Pointless Orchestra] tis a veteran visual artist, writer, and musician from thee US.. thee first piece which he provides utilizes mixed discordant percussive elements with experimental guitar wankery.. thee second piece utilizes sequencer and synth elements in this sort ov hokey casio-esque composition..

non-aquisition ov information regarding Chemical Sludge Cats.. their piece tis a sort ov lo-fi dissonance with interesting processed masculine vocals regarding sexuality and societal conditioning..

Exterminating Angel are another projekt who are flying by below my inept radar.. their piece consists ov looming synth atmosphere with rhythmic sequencings..

similarly evading obtainment ov info here tis thee projekt Robo.. wierd synths and minimal sequencings with wierd R&B recordings [processed later] overlayed..

Disumana Res tis thee projekt ov Guglielmo Lanzilli [Biotope Art Organization!!] here he provides an astounding piece ov dissonant yet beauteous sound collage with erotic moans amidst distant piano melodies, with hand percussions coming in later amidst loungy atmospheres..

Eiaculazione Amusicale tis a projekt ov thee E.A. ghost collective which was manifested primarilly by Raffaele Gallucci [Contaminated Productions!!], and has been very thouroughly documented within this blog elsewhere!! thee piece provided here consists ov interesting lo-fi sound-scapes with repetitious erotic groans..

Hinton was a San Francisco based projekt who also basically zilch tis known for here.. wierd collage ov sci-fi sampling and funkyness.. repetitiously appearing are thee samples: "think of what i'm telling you" / "one mission. one dedication" / "cleanse the whole world".. after thee persistent repetions ov thee last piece; respite tis offered with dark atmospheric synthesizer materials lasting a duration ov over eighteen minutes to draw thee compilation unto it's conclusion!!

Track listing:

a03-MIKE HOVANCSEK-chaos 5
a04-CHEMICAL SLUDGE CATS-sacred incest taboo
a05-EXTERMINATING ANGEL-carricks fate
a06-ROBO-daytripper and more
b01-DISUMANA RES-shadow land
b03-HINTON-perfectionist dance
b04-HINTON-rotator cuff

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

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