Monday, January 3, 2011

MLEHST-swollen inside a mouth(B.A.O.-Uk-c60-1995)

Mlehst tis thee projekt ov English experimental noise artist All Brentnall which was begun in 1991.. he released numerous rather limited releases ov both vinyls and cassetees before ceasing activites in thee late 90's.. thee last ov his releases came out arround 2001.. this seemed to be thee end until 2005 when he began releasing new recordings which are still contiuing to emerge presently!! this cassette was released in 1995 on thee Biotope Art Organization label run by Guglielmo Lanzilli!!

thee opening track: Stillborn Yet Breathing begins with persistent high pitched tone with ominous reverberating voice and trumpet blurts.. suddenly strange sound contortions ov processed voice emarge and just as suddenly dissipate amdist numerous convoluted noize manipulations violently unfolding.. respite?? no!! only calm to give greater force to thee sudden jarring attacks ov violent sonority.. sequences/ reverberating stomps with feedback.. cut track..

Shit Stabbing features prolific French artist Michel Madrange [M.NOMIZED, The Golozos, No Unauthorized..] more respite tis offered with calm beatific ambiance.. only slightly jarring dissonances emerge slowly swelling expansively with jagged edges which picnolepticly erupt.. for now we are safe from greater violence..

Toe Queen features Swiss originating/ now Japanese prolific Aktionist Rudolf [Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck, Wash Your Brains, 4 Schizoide Musikanten, Birthmark Orchestra, Dada Action Group, Eb.ersonna, Psychic Rally, R.I.G., Schimpfluch-Gruppe, Schnäbi Gaggi Pissi Gaggi, Vehikel & Gefäss (& Ventilator), Vehikel + Gefaess]!! those familiar with thee surreal cut-up techniques he has manifested elsewhere shall not be surprised at thee outcomes ov this collaboration; though how does one envision thee outcome ov thee intermingling ov these two creative imaginations?? inarticulable soundscapes which come to cessation with slow stuttery sequencing!!

Sex Care Provider finds Brentnall working solo once more [as does thee remaining credited duration ov thee recording..], and features more ov his eery ambiance with high pitched presences [stuttering at times].. thee persistent feeling ov something lurking at thee thresh-hold ov semi-cognizant ethereality lingers with thee listener.. scrapes/ inarticulable processed vocal presences?? / high-end assault / reverberating steps in thee distance / more brief incalcuable eruptions / struggling to communicate.. blindly fumbling or masterfull sonic explorations.. suddenly everything feels much closer.. an asserted pattern ov rhythm.. then absence..

Spring Ram Corp hisses more disorienting resonances; thundering across expansive empty spaces// cut tape / very alone / spacey analog atmospheric presence / flanging oscillations/ disembodied vocal presences / thundering distortion / cosmic unease / reversion to hissing resonances / cut / power elektronic maelstrom not attained / thee felling that nothing may be held onto with any degree ov certitude.. alienation within thee reverb-chamber ov non-existent dream-shards.. / cosmic unease..

as may be expected from a title such as: Constant Love Is Total Pain; our heart-strings are rendered with distrurbing ailments ov sonorous anti-amorousnesses.. non amorphous.. scarcely anthropomorphic vocalisations amidst our one certainty: restless pleasureless distress.. our only possibility ov relief: ending..

Track listing:

A1 Stillborn Yet Breathing
A2 Shit Stabbing
A3 Toe Queen
B1 Sex Care Provider
B2 Spring Ram Corp
B3 Constant Love Is Total Pain

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

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