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va - 21st Century Schizoid Beast! [Off Black C60 2002]

debilitatingly harsh schizophrenic sonority to eff with all ov thee hungover folkx who may have indulged rather too thouroughly whilst reveling in thee seasonal festivities ov vacating thee last year, and attempting to obliterate cognition whilst entering this one.. waking up can be rather unpleasant.. relish thee abuse that sensory perception may offer unto you!! approach with heightened sensitivity this compilation reveling upon thee aesthetics ov what Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari have referred to as thee deterritorializing force ov schizophrenia.. released upon thee Japanese Off Black label which was run by Yoshinori Tanaka [Bastarbation / DeepSqeeD]!! whilst these are primarily Japanese sonic abuse conspirators; there tis also presence ov some folk from stateside as well ov at least one lone ex-patriate..

Skin Crime aka Hanged Mans Orgasm tis thee projekt ov stateside artists: Patrick O'Neil, Shawn Smith & Mark Jameson.. probably thee earliest noize mail-order received here was acquired via founding member Patirck's effing brutal Self Abuse Records!! when considering thee theme ov this compilation; one can only wonder if this introductory track references technocratic societys' paranoia regarding Y2K..?? "Lights Out!"

Defektro tis thee projekt ov Japanese sound saboteurs: Hirofumi Uchino, Ayako Honda, Laura Oyaizu!! sounds like there was a FEMA-esque failure at "Damage Limitation" for our delicate inner-ears for this one..

Government Alpha tis thee projekt ov harsh sonority mastermind and head ov thee amazing label Xerxes: Yoshida Yasutoshi [Carbonic Acid, Alpha Ailuros]!! cannot translate thee title, but thee aural detriment induced tis tis affectively scathing!!

Yellow Cab tis thee projekt ov Michio Teshima [The Sadist]!! whilst am uncertain ov thee title for this piece; thee track sounds like a fast-scanned dialing ov thee cab's radio which would scare thee shite out ov any passengers..

Guilty Connector tis thee projekt ov Kohei [the fast] Nakagawa; who utilises his arsenal ov home-spun Utsu & Shibaki [smashing!!] elektronikx to create sonic maelstroms ov raucous concussiveness!!

named after thee much maligned symbol ov thee Swastika; Japanese Noize legends Fumio Kosakai [Bustmonster, C.C.C.C., Club Skull, Fumio Tommikawa, Gomikawa Fumio, GU-N, Hana Kodama, Hijokaidan, Incapacitants, Lamones Young, Nise Hijokaidan, Tangerine Dream Syndicate, Uchu Engine!!] & Ryuichi Nagakubo [C.C.C.C., GU-N, Lamones Young, Tangerine Dream Syndicate, Uchu Engine, Yuragi!!] provide thee piece ov unmelodiously significant social or occupational dysfunction entitled : In The Room Of The Guru!!

active since thee early 1980's; K2 has been thee projekt ov another Japanese Noize King: Kusafuka Kimihide [Apnea, Gewaltische Anus, Kimihide Kusafuka, Magmax#2, Sakashima-No-Labia, Yuji Asakura]!! thee unkind comfortless contusions abetting thee disintegration of emotional responsiveness which he emits tis titled: Genome Strategy.. eugenics may enter our delusions..

S.Isabella tis thee projekt ov femme fatale Setsuko "Isabelle" Martin; as well as earsplitting accomplices: Yoshiaki Funayama & Yasutoshi Yoshida!! involuntary hospitalization may be necessary regarding thee piece provided here: Pinball The Traffic..

"Tano Kōji [1961 - 2005].. Koji Tano died on 31 July 2005 at thee age ov 44.. M.S.B.R. (Molten Salt Breeder Reactor), aka Koji Tano, was one ov thee most respected noise artists to emerge from Japan's vibrant noise/experimental music scene of thee 90's.. he played with countless other musicians and toured on 4 continents (Asia, Europe, North America and Australia).. much ov his material was self-released on his own labels, one of which was dedicated to the production of limited edition cassette releases.. MSBR's crushing wall of noise, like Merzbow's, managed to tap into a post-human territory of pure absolute volume that seems to have more in common with the unstoppable forces of nature than any form of music.." cannot speak with enough admiration for thee character ov Koji Tano!! along with thee many astonishing noize recordings which he created, thee magnificently voluminous distro which he ran , and thee brilliant magazine Denshi Zatsuon which he published have left an unfathomable mark upon myself personally.. his presence touched so many, and thee weight ov his absence tis unspeakable.. thee piece which he provided here: The Final Harsh Works # 17 tis as masterfull ov an amalgam ov dissonance as one can seek for auditory hallucination!!

noize legend: Fumio Kosakai [mentioned in thee above description for thee group Swastika..] provides thee equivalent ov sentences only loosely connected in meaning with thee astringent piece: Action For 2 Guitars..

as menntioned in thee intro to this article: Bastarbation tis thee projekt ov Yoshinori Tanaka [DeepSqeeD] who has compiled this delerious auditory schizophasia conglomeration!! seems i recall a past description ov his workx relating them as grind-core style; for their fast hallucinatory stridulous psychotic symptoms!!

Facialmess tis thee projekt ov Kenny Sanderson; who tis also a part ov thee astounding noise grind band Nikudorei [aka Meatslave]!! thee bizarre acerbic paranoid agitations manifested here are an homage to thee progressive rock pioneers King Crimson; whose track: 21st Century Schizoid Man this compilations' title tis a bestially dysphoric derivative ov..

Track listing:

A1 Skin Crime - Lights Out!
A2 Defektro - Damage Limitation
A3 Government Alpha - [Japanese Text]
A4 Yellow Cab - 9-040201 [Japanese Text]
A5 Guilty Connector - Morface
A6 Swastika - In The Room Of The Guru
B1 K2 - Genome Strategy
B2 S.Isabella - Pinball The Traffic
B3 MSBR - The Final Harsh Works # 17
B4 Fumio Kosakai - Action For 2 Guitars
B5 Bastarbation - Fugitive
B6 Facialmess - King Crimson


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