Sunday, August 1, 2010

v.a - INCENSE n2 (C60-Incense label - France-1992)

a different one for this 113th post for thee blog.. here we have thee first esoteric metal post!! [we shall still continue to primarily focus upon thee realms ov esoteric elektronikx..] this cassette was released on thee Incense label ov French artist Cyril Herry [Ashes To Ashes, Lecanora, Ninth Desert, Exotoendo, Salamandre, Sechres Mound, The Uncanny]!! some very obscure esoteric metal projekts provide trackx here ranging in influences/sounds from depressive/black metal ala Winter/ early Celtic Frost, and even some almost grunge sounding material as well!! not incredibly sure when we will be posting anymore esoteric doom / black metal releases in thee future, but there shall likely be others.. some may appreciate this / others may not.. so be it.. do as though wilt..

be(a)st wishes!!

Track listing:

a01-SHUD-vox in exceleo
a02-MORTAL FEAR-scorn of life
a03-NIGHTFALL-domestication of wildness
a04-THE HORDE OF TORMENT-pain asylum
a05-SUPURATION-in remembrance of a coma
b01-MORDOR-last demoniac invocation
b02-DROYS-forbidden ritual
b03-CHANNEL ZERO-no light
b04-MISANTHROPE-lord (of fate)

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

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