Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lvnvs & Therabaqud Leic - Untitled - Theatrum Alchemicum - 1998

took me a while to work up thee nerve to attempt to open this one.. [note: was frustration over having destroyed thee wax seal on thee Vatican's Children - Secrets envelope when it was opened..] here tis an astounding album ov wondrous dark elektronikx from Lvnvns / Therabaqud LeiC [Devil G./ Stebran / Luigi Russolo]!! Theatrum Alchemicum housed this one in a wax paper envelope with a sticker seal [mine was broken before received..] and housed inside a black velvet envelope inside ov a metal casing with hemp cord with a lead seal with pentacle isgnia!! only fifty ov these were made [some were in red velvet envelopes..]

Track listing:

1 Soundtrack For L-Loch
2 Hol
3 Holinwater
4 Kuni
5 Soundtrack For "Meat The Girls"
6 Exi(s)t
7 Introibo
8 Copula


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