Saturday, August 28, 2010

alchemy of the 20th century / grunt -split tape (kadef -germany-c30-1996)

great cassette here which was released on thee German label Kadef in thee mid/late 90s!! both Alchemy Of The 20th Century and Grunt are projekts ov thee Finnish artist Mikko Aspa [Clandestine Blaze, Clinic Of Torture, Creamface, Nicole 12, Stabat Mater] who is also the owner of Northern Heritage label, and also thee publisher / editor of the S/M magazine "Erotic Perversion" and "Northern Heritage Zine"!! Alchemy Of The 20th Century provide two nice longer pieces ov droning experimental atmospherikx with thee use ov shimmering and scraped metals with some minimal guitar usage, and Grunt provides several trackx ov full-on screaming power elektronikx assault!!

Track listing:

alchemy of the 20th century side:

a01-colossal iron spiral (part 1)
a02-colossal iron spiral(part 2)

grunt side:

b01-re-packed daily waste (part 1)
b02-re-packed daily waste (part 2)
b03-re-packed daily waste (part 3)
b04-re-packed daily waste (part 4)

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)


  1. hello vitaignescorpuslignum,I find the KRANIUM tape so amazing that I put it on my blog (sorry for not asking) I also want the T.Q.T.R. tape if that's o.k. As contribution to your great blog I send you some links to some obscure tapes :
    (maeror tri)
    (anoxia cerebri)
    (hideous in strenght)
    (thelema) (H.G.H.)
    hope you like em! more tapes on my blog :
    Cheers, Vulture

  2. thanx a lot,your blog is very good,sincerely i don`t understand why to post the same tapes on your blog,if we all do like this we will end up having the same music on 1000 different blogs,please just mention us on your nice blog since you liked those tapes,we liked your too...and thanx again for all those nice links...bye {{{F@R@W@Y}}}