Saturday, May 8, 2010

VA - Detlev Hjuler - 3 X CS

minimal info available on this one which was shared with us by our friend (kusomiso).. it appears to have been compiled by German sound artist/sculptor Detlev Hjuler.. many well known acts here, and perchance some less well known as well.. comes in rather unique packaging with scans included here

[[note - thee transfers seem to have an ammount ov digital peaking.. hope that folks may still enjoy!!]]

Track listing:

a1 - Larry Austin - Maroon Bells
a2 - Robert Ashley - Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon
a3 - Organum - Aurora
a4 - Moolah - Courage
b1 - Ilhan Mimaroglu - Anacolutha
b2 - Etant Donnes - La Nuit Si Calme Ey Si Transparente
b3 - Leo Kupper, Exequiel Virasoro, Jean-Claude Frison - L'enclume Des Forces
b4 - Norio Sato - Knots


c1 - Denis Smalley - Pneuma
c2 - Simon Emmerson - Oophelia's Dream II
c3 - Whitehouse - Shitfun I
c4 - Asmsus Teitchens - Rosenkranz
c5 - Organum - Keloid
d1 - Maurizio Kagel - Der Schall I
d2 - Pierre Henry - Apres La Mort
d3 - John Zorn & Michiro Sato - Kagemusha
d4 - Francois Bayle - Anime


e1 - Jed Speare - Mettle Of Metal
e2 - Karlheinz Stockhausen - Refrain
e3 - Nurse With Wound - Alas The Madonna Does Not Function
e4 - Logos - Turkish Square
f1 - Lt. Caramel - Danseuses Etoiles
f2 - Alessandro Solbiati - Inno
f3 - Nicolas Verin - Avenue Du Midi
f4 - Miao- Wen Wang - Berceuse De Quatre Saisons


[[transferred by (kusomiso) & brief review by (crepusculum)]]


  1. Hello,

    I am having some issues with a few of the tracks at the end of the first and third tapes, is it possible to get an alternate download location?

    All the best,

  2. my apologies for thee delay.. thee fixed versions are now up..

    be(a)st wishes!!


  3. nice cover artwork, since 1999 my wife (Mama Baer) and I release our own music in such small editions, see fpr some more photos of our works, lot of small editions got reissued by underground labels so far. Kommissar Hjuler