Saturday, May 29, 2010

POLTERGEIST--desecrated Flowers-(Anomalous records-usa-C90-1994)

a strange one broken into two parts here and here.. Poltergeist featured Chuck Daar [Bass, Tapes, Effects], Eric Lanzillotta
[Engineer], Brian Smith [Guitar, Rack, Samples, Radio], - Bob Blaize [Tabla, Dumpak, Flute, Waterphone, Venu, Bells [Chinese Temple Bells]].. Recorded Live May 14th and 21st, 1994.. 100 copies were made before Anomalous Records stopped making cassettes.. strange ethereal elektronikx!!

Track listing:

A Diabolical Flowers
B1 Longevity's Monstrosity
B2 Bali Hell

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

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  1. Just a heads up in case anyone actually gives a toss ... this tape was put out without our permission. It was taken from two shows we did at Anomalous and released under the name Poltergeist. This was not even a Poltergeist show. "Diabolical Flowers" & "Longevity's Monstrosity" were performed by Brian & Bob under the name Soon. "Bali Hell" was performed by Chuck & Brian under the name X=18. Poltergeist was the name used when they played together (not on this tape though). We recently released the entire catalogs of each "band" on CD remastered directly from the original DATs. All are readily available from Amazon.

    The Soon discs can be found here:

    The Poltergeist discs here:

    and X=18 (which is still going strong) here:

    Thanks for posting. Keep up the good work here on this blog.

    C. Daar
    5th World Musics