Wednesday, May 26, 2010

KARCERAL FLESH-au suivant(c60-diy-1994-France)

Elated to be able to present this cassette contributed to us from thee collection ov Guglielmo Lanzilli [Biotope Art Organisation]!! Au Suivant [The Following] tis my personal favorite ov all ov thee Karceral Flesh releases we have shared thus far!! Karceral Flesh was thee French projekt ov Franck Kervizic who was accompanied for this recording by Lagartija Nick [guitars/ bass], Fedrico Iovino [percussions], and C.C. La Mouette [voix feminine]!!

Dors [sleep] begins thee cassette with an amazing restrained piano introduction which transitions to a continuation ov thee restrained piano work, dissonant guitar wailing, and somber feminine vocalisations!! thee piece steps up in tempo a bit with great industrial percussions before dissipating with a slow rumbling synthesizer bass outro!!

Agonie En Dentelle [Agony In Lace] begins with more dissonant guitar/bass work and restrained percussion, and steps up into a more anthemic progression with drear masculine vocalisations!!

Faire L'Amour Avec Son Sang [Make Love With His Blood] drearily rocking restrained industrial with masculine vocals!!

Qu'as-Tu Vu? [What did you see?] mid tempo elektronik sequencing begins this piece and tis met with restrained percussions, heaviilly flanged guitar work, and plodding bass!! drear masculine vocals, and psychotic feminine vocalisations make this a rather enticing piece!!

Seche Tes Yeux! [Tumble Your Eyes!] dissonant guitar, slow plunking bass, and restrained percussions are met with gruff masculine vocals!! thee chorus repeats thee title "Seche Tes Yeux!"!!

Le Sourire T.D.M. [The Smile T.D.M.] begins with plodding goth bass and restrained percussion, and steps up into effing great sustained percussive attack with bass accents and ethereal dissoant guitar material!! thee piece alternates this pattern ov restraint and attack!!

La Petite Fille [The Little Girl] mid-tempo goth-rocking industrial with more ov Franck's depressive sounding vocals!!

Inhuman World tis an instrumental piece ov fairly experimental minimal restrained semi-dissonant tones with very sparse synthesizer bass presence!! later in thee piece thee tempo picks up, and continues to follow similar structure ov delivery before transitioning to alternating sparse tones and ethereal synthesizer washes ov sound!!

A La Glorie... [In The Glory ...] restrained percussions with beauteous depressive guitar progressions are met with more ov C.C. La Mouette's somber beatific vocals!!

Pour Le Reve [??- do not know if this tis titled for the 1920s French silent movie, a painting by Pablo Picasso, or thee novel by Emile Zola..] ethereal synthesizer work with restrained kick sequencing and trancing bells provide a backing for more beatific melancholy feminine vocals!! about 5 minutes in there tis a break to very restrained quiet thundering bit-stretched sample reverberations which are met with bits ov anxious ticking, and quiet washes ov fm static before fading away..

Le Jugement [the judgement] slow ticking, reverberating tambourine shaking, thundering toms pace out a slow progression with quiet synthesizer work and sparse slowed masculine vocals which last for nearly twelve minutes..

Le Jugement II [the judgement II] tis an even more somber progressions ov minimal tones and synth/organ accompaniment!!

400 REM tis one ov the masterpieces ov this projekts output!! restrained percussions are accompanied by plodding synth with accents which sound like bowed violins, and more ov those sunless feminine vocals!! sadly thee piece ends much too soon for my tastes.. tis sooo amazing!!

Sourire... [Smiling] again: restrained percussions, melancholy synthesizer progression, and dusky and angsty feminine vocalisations to conclude this brilliant cassette!!

Track listing:

A1 Dors...
A2 Agonie En Dentelle
A3 Faire L'Amour Avec Son Sang
A4 Qu'as-Tu Vu?
A5 Seche Tes Yeux!
A6 Le Sourire T.D.M.
A7 La Petite Fille
A8 Inhuman World
B1 A La Glorie...
B2 Pour Le Reve
B3 Le Jugement
B4 Le Jugement II
B5 400 REM
B6 Sourire...

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

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