Tuesday, February 7, 2012

SEACRYPT - A Momentary Rift [review]

tides wash away at thee earthen crusts- eroding and drawing back towards thee ancient cold-dark aqueous deep.. hailng from thee Oakland bay area which tenuously awaits it's own submerging; artistes Michael Buchanan: Synth, Guitar, Rhythm, Chelsea Friedman: Synth, Voice, Bell, and Paul Sutfin: Synth, Voice, Flute, Horn; emanate from Katabatik depths with an all too limited deathly-tidal-wave cassette release which draws us dancing ecstaticly into oceanous caverns where thee filtered lights from thee surface entrance dizzyingly- depriving us ov breath whilst submerging us in warm synthesizer currents, visceral minimal sequencings, and dusky- forever so sunless beneath thee deep vocalisations; at times like thee siren's calls/ at times like Poseidon's gothik utterances about sub-aqueous bat-caves/ oceanic cemetary raves full ov mutant mer-volk with tritons [scepters & synths] clanging out thee rhythms ov thee underworld at thee end ov thee seas.. marine life & lifelessnesses tidally nod heads within primordial origin recollective subconsciouses ov tentacular deliriousnesses!!! tether yrselves fastly unto thee masts, or be drawn into thee depths ov Seacrypt!!


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