Tuesday, February 7, 2012

G.P.U. 3 cassette productions

Not much info about this mysterious project hailing from France in the beginning of the 90s. G.P.U. released three good live tapes on the French label Cartel Experimental- all the releases of this label came with color cover sleeves and inset prints with info, and they were releseased as 50 hand numbereed copies. As for the music: this is avant-garde post-industrial mixed with noize and cool improvisations... You might like it, you might hate it... Live recordings which are pretty good indeed... Enjoy the art...fart...ruido sonoro...

G.P.U.-propulsion(C60-live-France-1992-Cartel Experimental)

Track listing:

A - Phase 1
B - Phase 2

G.P.U.-genese(C60-live-1992-Cartel Experimental)

Track listing:


G.P.U.-Structures-(C60-Cartel Experimental,France-1993)

Track listing:

a01-structure-phase 1
a02-structure-phase 2
b01-structure-phase 3
b02-structure-phase 4
b03-structure-phase 5


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