Monday, April 12, 2010

TEATRO SATANICO CHARLES MANSON-delirio sifilitico-(c50 theatrum chemicum label -1993-Italy)

here tis thee brilliant single-sided cassette from 93 ov Teatro Satanico Charles Manson with thee lineup consisting ov DeviLs G and Alberta Maria Kundalini!!! released on thee Italian label Theatrum Chemicum [uncertain how many copies were produced] a few ov these trackx found their way onto thee The Nekofutschata Musick Cabaret vinyl release..

1-lirica antisociale-antisocial lyric.
an evil person talks about nasty no-sense violence and anti-social behaviour because he hates society, but he ends up faking his love for everybody because the power of god is too strong and unbeatable.

2-fanage armata-armed falangy
it is a series of statments about who is part of this sect. such as "those of the armed falangy are gypsy, those of the armed falangy are aliens, those of the armed falangy are crazy priests...and so on.

3-corpo sociale malato-sick social body
the lyrics talk about a sick body and mind, different kinds of sickness and diseases, and the death and the loneliness due to extreme diseases.

4-death to pigs-
this is instrumental, well actually no music and no lyrics, just the noise of a pig being slaughtered.

5-confesso tutto-i confess everything
it's a maniac criminal person who confesses to judge Cambiani that he killed a young girl, tore her body into pieces, and gave it to the doghouse dogs as food, cleans everything in his flat, and not being able to live anymore: he begs the judge to put things in order and bring justice because nobody noticed this crime; therefore he doesn`t exist.

6-comanadantee Bruno-lieutenant Bruno
it`s about the lieutnanat who kisses the priests with a razor blade in his lips, he never surrended,and he died fighting society's taboos. he fought untill the last minute of his life.

Track listing:

A1 Lirica Antisociale
A2 Falange Armata
A3 Corpo Sociale Malato
A4 Death To Pig!
A5 Confesso Tutto!
A6 Comandante Bruno

(transferred, translated, & reviewed by [[F@R@W@Y]] / crepusculum)

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