Monday, April 26, 2010

ANTIchildLEAGUE - Hellworm (DIY-c60)

Here tis thee brilliant cassette to accompany thee interview with thee creative genius Gaya Donadio who tis behind this astonishing projekt!! uncertain how many copies ov this cassette were released.. we are honored to have her permission to share it with you here!! thee interview shall follow in thee next post here..

thee intro for thee cassette begins with trancing elektronikx and a spoken Italian female vocal sektion..

Ambiguous Attitude sonicly consists ov Gaya's vocal incantations submerged within powerfull elektronik atmospherics!!

thee intro for Giubileo 2000 [Jubilee 2000] consists ov pulsating elektronikx punctuated with slamming reverberations and indecipherable [to me] masculine vocals, and ends with more fluid sounding synthesizer material which transitions to thee main piece which tis more caustic atmospheric elektronikx with much more angst ridden masculine vocalisations which are subsumed in reverb/delay!!

Matriarch consists ov layered repetitious samples [something about innocence and as well a slowed cackling sample about licking] with a restrained plodding accompaniment for this representation ov feminine rule!!

Hibernacula [Hibernaculum (hi-buhr-NAK-yuh-luhm) (Latin, "tent for winter quarters")/the location chosen by an animal for hibernation] consists ov power elektronik ambiance with skittering/pulsating synthesizer playing throughout thee atmospheres, and as well Gaya's powerfull vocals are distantly present!!

Future Drama consists ov a jittery sequencer-type edgy presence with small cut up vocal-type presences and wierd flangey bursts!!

Sterile Humanity begins with beauteous synthesizer with a pulsating presence which overwhelms powerfully for moments only to allow thee reappearance ov thee slowly progressive building ov thee synthesizer presence within which tis also present anguished delayed vocalisations!!

Pain 1 consists ov distant repetitious machinic rumbling amidst which Gaya's agonised vocalisations make their haunting reverberating presence felt!! later in thee piece it feels as though there tis a much greater presence ov sustain to her tortured vocal bursts which carry over into an atmospheric force!!

Pain 2 consists ov a maelstrom ov intensely trancing power elektronik squall to end thee first side ov thee cassette!!

thee second side ov thee cassette begins with thee track Mind The Gap which consists ov Gaya providing beatific operatic vocals amidst thee scathing elektronikx she has so artfully mastered!! later in thee piece excerpts ov radio evangelist ramblings make a counterpoint to thee almost choral like beauteous vocalisations which Gaya presented ealier..

[[note: am uncertain, but believe that at thee point which Gaya's vocals drop out in thee last piece that it transitions to Sound Of Aboundance Of Rain.. as said am uncertain, but it would make sense for thee number ov titles/tracks present..]]

Perpetual Dimension consists ov beauteous synthesizer progressions which become more ethereal as they devlop!! Gaya's voice makes a hauntingly sustained presence amidst this wondrous piece ov dark ambiance!!

Canilla Immortal Creature consists ov thee excited wimperings and vocalisations ov a canine which last for thee duration ov about one minute..

thee title track: Hellworm consists ov more great cold scathing elektronikx!!

Disco Bimbo tis an even more cacophanic destructive climax to this great release which lasts a duration ov nearly ten minutes before dissipating fastly!!

Track listing:

A1 Intro
A2 Ambiguous Attitude
A3 Giubileo Intro
A4 Giubileo 2000
A5 Matriarch
A6 Hibernacula
A7 Future Drama
A8 Sterile Humanity
A9 Pain 1
A10 Pain 2
B1 Mind The Gap
B2 Sound Of Aboundance Of Rain
B3 Perpetual Dimension
B4 Canilla Immortal Creature
B5 Hellworm
B6 Disco Bimbo

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

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