Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rosemary's Baby - Magia Sexualis - 1985

in thee opinion ov this writer; there tis nil chance ov rejection as to how irrefutably obscure and important ov a place that thee document Magia Sexualis embodies as an unholy grail in thee archives ov Italian occult industrial!! long sought after here as thee missing magickal monument ov esoteric elektronikx!! thee fascinating story behind thee Italian TOPY group Rosemary's Baby tis perhaps best told here on thee great Italian blog Pinzillacchere Musicalli as far as documents easily obtainable upon thee web are conscerned; though thee fairly recent book Rumori Sacri tis obtainable elsewhere for readers fluent in Italian..
thee cassette begins with slow repetitive loops ov choral chants/ bells/ and organ progressions amidst murmured vocalisations which suddenly cease and allow soporific swellings ov slowed strings to meander magickally, thee sense ov a mass interrupted by thee utterances ov a newborn's voice manipulated in pitch and speed.. more abrupt juxtapositions ov elemental recordings raining/ thundering with feminine vocalisations laughing or sobbing gaspingly whilst reversed soundscapes and slowed percussions mutedly make their impressions// cut-up inarticulate utterances make scarce presences amidst thee prolonged crying/laughter which suddenly tis replaced with choral loops and yet more pained feminine laughter and sobbing.. choral presences continue to resound, and thee element ov fire makes a conflagratory presence amidst seeming eroticised utternaces with low end presence.. cut to an over-amplified sensation ov silence and reverberating movements with slowed inhalations/exhalations ov breaths.. feedback swells- then tis subsumed in thee odd quietness and strange tinklings ov a chorus ov bell-sounds clanking whilst thee creeping presences ov multiple sound-sources build into climaxes which just as suddenly swell as they dissipate.. more collaging ov agonized vocalisations rends thee sonic tapestry with a complexity ov methodicism which holds attention to thee minutiae ov enveloping soundscapes developing and dissolving.. thee roaring ov lions brings to cessation thee first side ov this magickal document..
thee second side begins with thee recitation ov thee Santa Maria betwixt clergy and disciples which begins to be enveloped in white-static feedback; whilst a delay effect disassociates thee repetitious prayers into an overlayed delerium ov monotonous motion where thee questioning ov meaning becomes neccesary to ascertain autonomous sense amidst an amalgam ov automatonistic acquiescence to authority.. thee droning ov prayers takes upon itself a swarming sense ov insectoid servitude to sacraments ov secularity.. thee delayed repetitive looping and ingestion/regurgitation ov ecclesiastic materials continuously amplifies a startling sense ov unease at thee maddening massified monotousnesses.. relief is found in thee ending ov recitations

tremendous thankx to Ondanera and Fabrizio for sharing this amazing cassette with us, and to thee further unveiling ov obscure materials in these days close at hand!!



  1. Hi Crepusculum,
    I've another Rosemary's Baby K7 ( As reported on Discogs, the title should be the same as your's one (2nd and 3rd versions of "Magia Sexualis") even if the only written words are "His name will be Adrian" and the label is "The League of the Gloomers". But the music is completely different!
    Do you know something more about these two versions?
    Best regards,
    N.B. the digitalization of this k7 will be out on January on "Nostalgie-de-la-boue".

  2. New Rip (but a differet version) @

  3. the article on "the great italian blog Pinzillacchere Musicali" is almost entirely copied (without mentioning the source obviously) from here: