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v.a.-devastating templaric sounds (c90-b.a.o.-italy1990)

folkx who have been following this blog may have noticed for some time our "wish list" here has contained a number ov releases from Biotope Art Organization; thee defunct experimental tape label which was run by Guglielmo Lanzilli.. Originally located in Benevento, Italy, but relocated to London, UK in the early 1990s.. well as they say: "be carefull what one wishes for.." between [F@R@W@Y] and Guglielmo there tis a rather special bond ov friendship, and between thee collections ov thee two ov them [already featured heavilly throughout thee blog!!] we appear to be receiving these missing items [much highly sought after here, and being asked ridiculous ammounts ov funds for elsewhere!!] so without further hesitations; here tis thee first ov thee two Devastating Templaric Sounds compilations!!

whilst thee lineup has changed a bit over thee years; Hybryds tis presently thee projekt ov Belgian ritual sound artists Magthea & Yasnaïa!! with releases dating back into roughly thee mid 80's; their copious back catalog abounds with many ecstatic treasures waiting to be unveiled!! thee piece which they provide for this compilation tis titled: Voices Of The Sacred Men, and tis a frighteningly ethereal miasma ov semi torturous chanting and vocalisations with thee clanging ov bells making appearances at points..

little information appears available for George Smits; though it tis apparent that a couple ov releases bearing his name were released on thee Audioview label which was set up for releasing thee workx ov young Belgian artists in thee late 90's.. thee piece which he provides tis a magnificent ritual sonorous excursion containing many enticing elements ov sonic exploration..

Barry Edgar Pilcher made a number ov compilation appearances in thee underground elektronikx scene in thee late 80's and early 90's, and appears here collaborating with Centrale Combo [for whom zilch for info tis being obtained presently..] thee sonority which they manifest collectively tis a strange mixture in which dissonant processed string sounds and clangings make presences which stumble and reverberate in a cavernous sort ov reverb-chamber dream time..

as previously noted above: [zilch for info] for Centrale Combo.. thee spoken composition which begins this piece escapes my meagre comprehension.. thee cosmic analog synthesizer compositions however speak accolades to thee xenotropian desires to reach consonance with thee astral!!

Tam Quam Tabula Rasa tis thee astonishing ritual sound projekt ov Italian artists Luca Ferrarini, Marco Berisso, Paolo Gentiluomo, and Roberto Soprani!! thee piece which they offer here tis composed ov delicate dream state elektronikx and soporific wind instruments whose sustained tones suspend softly whilst manifesting brief dissonances..

members Stefan "Baraka[H]" Knappe , Martin "GLIT[s]CH" Gitschel, and Helge Siehl's collective energies channeled thee ultimate projekt in Drone Ambient: Maeror Tri [ex- Screaming Corpses!!] a German trio that used only electric guitars and tons of processing devices to create their floating and static droning soundscapes.. thee group tis now disbanded.. Knappe and Gitschel formed Troum, and Siehl is currently working as Tausendschoen.. thee magnificent sonic evocation which they invoke tis entitled: Choir Of Transcendence!!

with thee sudden flipping ov thee cassette; thee blissfull trance tis transformed by thee brilliant sound collage ov Disumana Res; thee Italian based projekt ov Guglielmo Lanzilli / Biotope Art Organization!! betwixt ethnic voices, sounds ov various avian creatures, and magnificent droning processed elektronikx; thee title: transmutation tis rather apropos!!

Lemur de Ojos Tristes [lemur ov sad eyes] are another mysterious projekt which thee semi-incompetence ov this writer grapplingly fails to manifest information for.. thee beauteous ambiance with aloof sequencings which they create bespeak ov their own will: a tremendous talent whose absence ov biography begets heirophanous magnitudes ov mysteries to those seeking their unveiling..

Brume tis thee projekt ov prolific French musique concrete composer Christian Renou!! thee piece which he presents here consists ov beauteous ethnic vocal chanting sampled and processed with restrained ritual percussions and beauteous synthesizer progression!!

El Sueno de Huparoo tis another ov these projekts for which there tis presently no more information available here.. thee piece tis a sort ov minor scale sitar and synth progression with vocal accompaniment..

Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide tis thee projekt ov German sound experimenters Siegmar Fricke & Dieter Mauson!! [we have focussed quite an ammount on their creative workx throughout this blog previously..] thee piece which they present begins with repetitious vocal and percussive vocal sampling with piercing/shimmering intermittant synth tone which suddenly dissapears to be replaced with German vocal monologue with cascading reverbeartions ov ritual percussion, and skittering elektronikx.. for those ov you who enjoy this material; it tis sincerely reccomended that you do some perusing ov past articles which have featured a copious ammount ov their other releases!!

Tam Quam Tabula Rasa provide another astonishing piece consisting ov droning ethnic wind instrument sampling with excellent pulsating sequencing and ritual sound source manipulations!!

Luciano Dari tis thee Italian musician/producer and creator ov thee astonishing Musica Maxima Magnetica label!! thee track provided here consists ov ominous drones with restrained semi-percussive muted clangs which develop with thee addition ov thee voice ov an owl and a slightly higher register ov synthesizer progression making later appearances!!

thee final sonic materialisation ov this compilation comes from another mysterious projekt: Progenie Malvagia Participa.. darkly manifesting elektronikx intermingle with numerous ethnic sound sources: clangs/voices/ethnic strings which suddenly come to an ebrupt cessation..

Track listing:

A1 Hybryds - Voices Of The Sacred Men
A2 George Smits - Composition On Self Builded Sound Sculpture
A3 Barry E. Pilcher & Centrale Combo - Wait Eunac
A4 Centrale Combo - Intro
A5 Tam Quam Tabula Rasa - Bandwjan
A6 Maeror Tri - Choir Of Transcendence
B1 Disumana Res - Transmutation
B2 Lemur de Ojos Tristes - Hudesville 3
B3 Brume - Enjoyed Block 4 E Sun
B4 El Sueno de Huparoo - Untitled
B5 Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide - Aridity In The Oasis / The Jungle Of Life
B6 Tam Quam Tabula Rasa - Sacrifcium Symbolium
B7 Luciano Dari - Lapide Minerali
B8 Progenie Malvagia Participa - Non Mustique

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

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